Oasis is a community driven cryptocurrency which aims to dominate the gaming industry. With carefully calculated ROI and relatively low supply, we have aimed at creating a perfectly balanced masternode coin that will interest a large market audience. The gaming industry had gained $36 Billion in revenue in the US alone! The market is relatively new and is expected to continue growing, the global revenue for gaming was $108.4 Billion in 2017 and is anticipated to reach close to $129 Billion by 2020!

Why Oasis?

Algo Xevan

Oasis is a PoS coin. Xevan algorithm was used to create 300,000 Oasis for the initial swap, we then moved on to the PoS phase. PoS coins are very energy efficient which means you can run a masternode with ease using only a VPS with 1 CPU core and as little as 1 GB of RAM!

Difficulty Retargeting EveryBlock

Difficulty is retargeted every block, meaning that rewards are distributed consistently, with rewards being given out every 50 to 70 seconds depending on the network connections.

Zerocoin Protocol For Privacy

Send your coins anywhere and remain completely anonymous using ZeroCoin feature! Zerocoin provides anonymity by the introduction of a separate mixing service known as zerocoin that is stored in the Oasis blockchain.

Block Time 60 Sec

Block time is every 60 seconds, though this may vary slightly depending on network lag. This also means that the maximum time you’d have to wait for a transaction to go through, is approximately 60 seconds.

Swift Tx for Instant Verified Tx

SwiftX allows for instantly verifiable transactions, meaning that once you send your coins you will receive no less than 5 conformations in a second. You can send Oasis anywhere in the world and they could receive them within 5 seconds.

Governance and Propsals

The main goal here would be to create a decentralized system of governance to manage, fund, maintain and expand the project. In doing so we would need to be able to set aside a percentage of funds and this will be discussed in full with the community before doing so.(edited)

Join The Community

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